Providing stability to sustain the industry through seasons of change.

We exist to maximize potential and minimize risk for all involved in agricultural aviation.

Solutions for


Take off with a career track that looks a little different.

Safety First

We worry about routine aircraft maintenance so you don’t have to. We provide initial and proficiency training to keep you confident.

Growth Opportunities

Advance your career without buying a million dollar airplane by moving up into local and regional management positions.


Competitive Pay

Incentives and benefits keep you loving your job for more than just the flying. We offer pay structures that make sense and more opportunities to fly.


This has never been a line of work for the faint of heart. Overconfidence can be dangerous, but uncertainty can be just as distracting. There’s more to that than just knowing you’re on the right field. Flying with confidence means that you know your aircraft is well-maintained, your pay for each job is transparent, and that every acre is helping you grow your career.

Are you interested in joining us?

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Are you interested in joining us?

Let us know more about you!

Having a presence in multiple regions already means more acres per year. As we build out our international network, differing seasons may call for more hands on deck in different countries. When training and flight opportunities open up, let us know you’re interested! We’ll handle the paperwork. 

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