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Aero Fleet One Heads to Brazil

A few of Aero Fleet One’s team members were able to make their way down to the large fruitful country along the east coast of South America. Their task at hand was to gain hands-on, in-person experience with the aerial application industry in Brazil.


Thorough research has been done about the local aerial application industry from team members in Denver both online and verbally with the team members located in Brazil. AFO President Destiny West quotes, “Another main reason we went to Brazil was to solidify team bonding with the branch of members that were brought onto the team this year from Brazil and Ukraine and get to know them as people in real-time to establish our goals as a company”. With sights set on the future, the Aero Fleet Team was also able to connect with people that are recognized in the drone space. Although the plan is to implement the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the agricultural aviation industry much later down the road, it is important for AFO to be present at these sorts of discussions.

The main insights gained on this trip came not only from AFO team members but from different people in the South American region. Whether they may be users or developers AFO procured better understandings of just what picture is being painted regarding rules and regulations of drone use in Brazil. 


Being able to meet with multiple aerial application businesses of different sizes and backgrounds such as, “family operated, to generational, to business partnerships, gave us the perspective of what it looks like to have a larger operation versus a smaller operation, and what all that it entails including smaller airstrips or private airstrips, what kind of staffing goes into that, and their views on where the industry is going,” said Destiny West. Aero Fleet One is searching for aerial application businesses who are looking to not only grow their business but to be able to create a thriving success from it. Aero Fleet One is consistently learning about the similarities and differences in agriculture as a whole in order to ensure a smooth transition of the industry throughout the Americas as the company expands. It all comes down to where Aero Fleet One can fill the gap within the agricultural community in order to help businesses safely operate effectively and efficiently.

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